UCSF ImmunoX

Imagine if studying the disorder of the immune system in one disease could help us learn to treat other diseases. What if advances in our understanding of autoimmunity could lead to improvements in immunotherapy of cancers? The Bakar ImmunoX Initiative is that central place where insights and discoveries around one disease can help many. Where the efforts of a single research team have the potential to benefit the efforts of many others. And where tackling diseases becomes a team effort, one centered around a logical and relevant nexus: the immune system. ImmunoX enhances the Immunology Program at UCSF — from an innovative CoProjects model, to strong themed communities, to a top-ranked education program, this initiative is the future of collaborative science.

In a few short weeks, we helped bring this new brand to life through their web presence and internally integrated tools.



  • User Experience Design
  • Visual Exploration
  • Design Strategy
  • Web Design
  • Project Management & Design Operations