bringing radical transparency to manufacturing

Fictiv delivers on-demand manufacturing for the digital age.

slay the kitchen with Parsnip

Parsnip is like Duolingo for cooking.

learning the ins and outs of Unreal Engine

Level up your skills with Unreal Engine Online Learning by Epic Games

your partner for brain data

Rune Labs is bringing precision medicine to neuroscience by making this brain data useful.

better banking for immigrants and expats

Seamless, borderless banking for everyone

connecting capital to the incredible

Giving you unprecedented access to markets, through the power of meaningful relationships.

spend together with Braid

Braid is a new way to share money.

collecting fun, priceless family memories

trib makes it easy to share and collect stories with all generations of your family.

modern, clinical trials

Inato matches the right sites to the right clinical research study, globally.

leveraging unreal engine to boost your career

Developers around the world are using Unreal Engine to refine their skills and land amazing jobs!

the future of retail

The Peak Beyond's smart display is a cutting-edge in-store marketing tool.

recruiting software built for hiring success

Lever streamlines the entire recruiting process to bring you the best talent faster.

strive to live well

StrivePD is on a mission to help people with Parkinson's disease with digital tools and technology.

a simple health savings account

Lively helps people optimize their healthcare spending, maximize their savings and better their livelihood.

banking on small businesses

Azlo is a financial toolset built for a new generation of entrepreneurs.

privacy and security for everyone

The most trusted VPN service, Private Internet Access encrypts your connection and provides you with an anonymous IP.

AI that learns your business

Site design and build for virtual process analyst startup.

making music stand out

Otis is a new music licensing platform connecting musicians and buyers.

modern, international banking

Denizen eliminates the stress, hassle and fees of managing global accounts.

cold storage, redefined

Base Zero is the world’s most secure cryptocurrency storage solution for institutions.

powerful real-time insights into customer conversations

Dialpad is a platform that powers voice, video, messages, and meetings across your existing devices.

harnessing immunology to improve human health

The Bakar ImmunoX Initiative facilitates sharing of technology and findings across fields, disciplines, and geographies.

deal acceleration powered by AI

Akorda accelerates the contracting process by providing automated analysis, 
streamlined workflows and standardized revision.

get smarter, together

Successly is a financial success partner for college students and grads.

securing the new industrial revolution

Xage is the first blockchain-protected security platform for Industrial IoT.

search smarter

Lucidworks powers intelligent search and discovery solutions for the enterprise.